School Law



This may be cited as a law that provides for the Establishment, Incorporation and operation of Gafai Community Secondary School. It also provides comprehensive provisions for its due administration.



It is hereby established a community School to be known as Gafai Community Secondary School which shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal. The School may sue or be sued in its corporate name


The objects of the School shall be as follows:-

  • To provide accelerated development through studies and manpower development
  • To provide courses of instruction and other facilities for the acquisition of knowledge in the fields of education; and to make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons on special conditions
  • To promote the fear of the Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala) through formal and ethical education
  • To encourage advancement of learning to the less privileged members of Gafai community and its environs.
  • To relate its activities to the social, cultural and economic needs of the people of Katsina State and
  • To undertake any other activities appropriate to the School in accordance with established laws

The School shall consist of the following organs:-

  1. The Proprietor (Board of Governors)
  2. The School Management Committee
  3. The School Authority
  4. Parent Teachers Association (PTA).




The Proprietor of the School shall be the Board of Governors of Gafai Community School which is made up of the original School Founders and, or their successors. The Founders are people who conceived the idea of establishing Gafai Community School and mobilized resources to ensure that the school comes into being. These are Mr. Bashir Awaisu, Mr. Naziru Sani and Dr. Abbati Ahmadu while Mr. Abubakar Ahmed served as adviser to them. Successors to the Founders shall be people of proven integrity within the community and shall be chosen and appointed by the incumbent Body of Governors in conjunction with the community leaders. Members of the Body of Governors upon appointment shall be sworn into office by a judge of a court of competent jurisdiction or shall swore to an affidavit at High Court of Justice to uphold principles and ethics of the school

2.2 Power and functions of the Proprietor

Proprietor of the School shall have reserved right to, or delegate a third party to:
  1. Hold in Trust all legal and financial documents belonging to the school and keep same in their custody
  2. To enter into contracts, establish Trusts, constitute as Trustees, solely or jointly with any other party.
  3. To borrow at no interest, and if need be upon the security of any or parts of the school property movable or immovable, such that the Board of Governors may from time to time at its discretion find it necessary or expedient to borrow or guarantee any loan, advances or credit facilities
  4. Mobilize/organize Fund raising activity and seek for donations towards progress of the school
  5. Ensure School auditing annually
  6. Ensure that all assets of the school are handed over to the Government of Katsina State in the case of eventual collapse or winding up of the school

2.3. School Management Committee

Members of the School Management committee shall be people of integrity, high repute, knowledgeable in the field of education and have passion for community service. Committee members shall be made up of:

  1. Committee Chairman --- Chairman
  2. School Secretary --- Member
  3. School Adviser --- Member
  4. Elder state man representing community --- Member
  5. Secretary of the Board of Governors --- Secretaary

2.3 Powers and Duties of the Management Committee

The school management committee shall have the power and duty to

  1. Ensure proper management of the school
  2. Oversee the general infrastructure (such as laboratory, library etc) and their proper utilization according to the best practices
  3. Offer gift for any charitable purpose;
  4. Acquire, secure, hold, grant charge or otherwise deal with or dispose of movable or non movable property of the school wherever situated after consultation and approval of the proprietor
  5. Provide guidelines for Admission into the School and ensure that the guidelines are strictly adhered to. Where situation warrants a member or the committee will be part of the Admission exercise
  6. Dispose of all matters regarding to Staff and Student discipline.
  7. Prepare Annual Report of the school and submit same to the Board of Governors
  8. Ensure adherence to the policies and directives of the Board of Governors
  9. Deny any privilege to a member, members or organization within the community it deems not fit to enjoy the privilege and, if such person, persons or body complain about the denial he, she, or they shall be notified in writing stating reason or reasons for the denial

2.4. Tenure of the School Management Committee

The School Management Committee shall be appointed by the Proprietor and shall hold office for a period of five (5) years which may be renewed for a further term of another five years only. Remunerations of the member shall be determined by the Board of Governors. If any or all the members decide to offer voluntary services to the school, the Board may still pay certain allowances or honorarium to such a member or members as the case may be.

A member shall unless he previously vacates his/her office hold office for the stated period under this section and may be subject of re-appointment as provided by this Bye-Law The quorum at any meeting of the management committee meeting shall not be less than two-third of its membership


The school authority shall consist of the following officers:

  1. The Principal --- Chairman
  2. The Vice Principal --- Member
  3. The Senior Master (Academic) --- Member
  4. Heads of Department --- Member
  5. The School Bursar --- Member
  6. Senior Master (Admin) --- Secretary

2.6 Duties of the School Authority

For the purpose of achieving objects of the school, the school authority shall have power to:

  1. Ensure proper teaching and learning at all times in accordance with established laws, rules and regulation as may be reviewed periodically
  2. Hold both statutory and non-statutory examinations
  3. Ensure proper discipline and welfare of all members of the school
  4. Receive all fees and levies from time to time as may be demanded

2.7 Office of the School Secretary

There shall be office of the school secretary who shall be the chief administrator and accounting officer of the school. All communication between school authority and the school management shall pass through his office. He shall be responsible for:

  1. Formulating school development strategies with the aim to achieve the school vision, mission and educational goals
  2. Drawing policies and priorities for development projects
  3. Ensuring curriculum design in line with government educational policies
  4. Maintain relevant network with outside bodies and securing community resources to enhance teaching effectiveness
  5. Ensuring proffer financial management of the school’s resources
  6. Ensuring that necessary requirements for running the school are met
  7. Preparing and presenting annual school budget and development plans

2.8 Office of the School Principal

The Principal is the head of School Authority and shall chair all staff meetings and oversees school implementation of curricular, extra-curricular activities and effective functioning of the departments. The Principal shall have at least ten (10) years teaching experience with minimum qualification of Bsc Ed, BA Ed or HND with postgraduate diploma in education. The principal shall hold office for a period of five years which may be renewed for another term of five years only. The Principal shall cease to hold office if he/she:

  1. Voluntarily resigns
  2. Become insane
  3. Is officially declared bankrupt
  4. Is convicted of a criminal offence by court of competent jurisdiction
  5. Is removed on ground of misconduct or incapacity as a result of ill health or unable to discharge duties
  6. Reaches the end of tenure



Desiring to promote, procure, sustain and advance meaningful and qualitative education to the children and wards of the community, there shall be association whose membership shall embrace all parents, guardians, sponsors and teachers of registered students of the school. The association shall be known as Parent Teachers Association (PTA) of Gafai Community Secondary School. The PTA as an entity shall be governed by the government policy. Without prejudice to the established State and Federal policies of the PTA, the following shall also apply to the school:

  1. Provision of platform for the members to meet, exchange views, ideas, analyze issues and make recommendations capable of fostering the progress and development of the children of the school
  2. Promoting mutual understanding, harmonious relationship and cooperation among parents, guardians, sponsors and teachers in the fulfillment of their common aim and objective
  3. Creating a sense of security for the children through regular interaction and display of love and affection
  4. Ensuring a stable, uniform and high standard of discipline both at home and at school
  5. Creating an encouraging atmosphere of mutual understanding and upbringing of the students as collective responsibility both teachers and parents

3.1 Functions of the PTA

The PTA is expected to function and contribute to the management of the school by:

  1. Showing intimate interest in and concern for activities of the school as to ensure achievement of high moral standards and academic excellence in cooperation with the Board of Governors or the school management committee as the case may be
  2. Promoting effective link between parents and the school
  3. Assisting the Board of Governors, management committee or the school authority in ensuring cordial relationship between school and the community
  4. Giving moral and financial support to the school
  5. Making presentation to the government, relevant authorities or corporate entities in the interest or welfare and progress of the school, its staff, but shall not otherwise directly interfere with day to day administration of the school
  6. Contributing to the maintenance of school buildings, equipping of libraries with books, provision of office equipment &amo; stationeries and provision of other range of school facilities
  7. Assisting to raise the moral tone of the school through checking students indiscipline and participating in developing school rules and regulation



4.1 Supervision

The Board of Governors shall as often as circumstances may require, not being less than twice every year, conduct a visitation to the school or direct that such a visitation be conducted by such person or persons as the committee may deem fit and in respect of any of the affairs of the school

It shall be the duty of the bodies and persons comprising the school to:

  1. Make available to the proprietor, and any other person conducting a visitation in pursuance of this section, such facilities and assistance as he or she may reasonably require for the purpose of the visitation, and,
  2. Give effect to any instruction consistence with the provisions of this bye-law which may be given by the Board in consequence of a visitation

4.2 Discipline

Recruitment, deployment, termination of appointment, staff discipline and welfare are the responsibility of the school management. Discipline of students shall be the responsibility of the School Authority. Serious cases of student indiscipline may be referred to the school management for appropriate action.

Without prejudice to paragraph (1) above on this sub section and provision in 2.2 (6), if it appears to the Principal that a staff is incapable of doing his or her duties, the Principal has right to suspend him or her and notify the management for further action. A person so suspended shall forfeit his/her salary/wages during the period of suspension.



Students must learn, know and recite the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. Failure for students to obey rules and regulation of the school may lead to expulsion from the school.

5.1 Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance is compulsory for all school activities. Punctuality is to be observed at all times. In addition, the following shall hold in all cases:

  1. Absence from school without permission must be supported by authorized authority
  2. Students who want to leave the school during school hours must record their departure in a book (available from the general office) and have the entry counter-signed by their form teacher granting permission or in his or her absence, any of the Head of department, the Vice-Principal or the Principal.

5.2 Promotion and Demotion

Promotion and demotion of students shall be based on the provisions of the National Policy on Education. However the school has reserved right not to offer its services to students who are academically weak. Students demoted by the school authority may be given the options of repeating the same class or advice to withdraw.

5.3 Dress Code

Students are to wear school uniforms prescribed by the school authority. The prescribe male uniform for Junior secondary students must be cream short sleeve shirt, brown trousers and neck tie, dark-brown sandals and white socks. The prescribe female students uniform must be dark brown trousers, dark brown head tie, cream gown, cream Abaya, brown sandals and white socks. These must be worn at all school functions in the junior section of the school. School PE attire must be worn for all physical education activities and students may wear the attire on the day when they have PE lesson.

Jewelry must not be worn in school. Only girls may wear a pair of small ear rings/studs/sticks.

5.4 Appearance

  1. 1) All students must be neatly and smartly attired.
  2. 2) All male students must maintain a clean-shaven face.
  3. 3) Female students are not allowed to appear in any make-up such as lip stick, decorative henna and other cosmetics.
  4. 4) Students are not allowed to carry telephone hand set in the school.
  5. 5) Money carried to the school should not be more than two hundred naira (N200.00) and anything above this should be deposited at the office of Guidance and Counseling Master of the school.

5.5 Behavior at School Functions

  1. Students must uphold the good name of the school at all times.
  2. Competitors/players in games should always practice fair play.

5.6 Suspension and expulsion of students

A Student may be suspended or expel from the school where he or she infracts school rule. The student should be given a fair hearing prior to suspension or expulsion. It is recommended that parents are invited to the disciplinary committee hearing if the sanction of expulsion is contemplated. There should be a right to appeal to a higher person or body. The principal is at liberty to inform the entire students the reason for the suspension or expulsion if it will have a deterrent effect on them.

5.7 Gross misconducts

Any person engaged in gross misconducts as specified in appendix of this Rule shall be interdicted and investigated and if found guilty shall be expel from the school

5.8 Corporal punishment

Any person found involved in any act as specified in appendix of this Rule shall face corporal punishment


APPENDEX List of Gross Misconduct items
  1. Failure to disclose any official information
  2. Defiance against Teachers or Student Councilors
  3. Smoking or possession of cigarettes or tobacco
  4. Vandalism
  5. Gambling
  6. Possession and dealing in illicit drugs or intoxicant
  7. Sexual harassment
  8. Absenteeism for a period of at least half of a particular academic term without reasons acceptable to the authority
  9. Possession of pornographic materials
  10. Engaging/abetting in gang activities
  11. Engaging, participating or practicing cult activities
  12. Failure to account for donations, gifts or otherwise by the public or stake holders to the authority
  13. Conviction for any criminal offence by court of law
  14. Social relationship between teacher and student
  15. Seeking for gratification for any services rendered on behalf of the school
  16. Seeking for gratification/donation on behalf of the school without permission of the authority
  17. Conducts of disgraceful nature which the management considers to be such as to render the person concerned unfit to continue to hold his/her office

List of Items that may attract Corporal Punishment

  1. Stealing
  2. Fighting
  3. Absenteeism for a period less than allowable time acceptable to the school authority
  4. Social relationship between students
  5. Using Vulgar Language
  6. '
  7. Having Tattoos
  8. Verbally threatening others of bodily harm
  9. Bullying (physical, verbal or cyber bullying)