Our Mission

Creating level playing ground for all towards attaining educational goals of the society

Excellent Knowledge

Promotion of formidable knowledge

Community Service

We encourage our communities to porsue knowledge

Child Education

Contributing to girl child education

Our Vision

To build a creative society, resourceful, and patriotic citizens that will meet the societal needs for healthy and peaceful coexistence with the environment

Photos from our gallery

School director

The director has been a dedicated contributor for the success of the school


Assembly Ground

Male Students appear accodingly dressed to while they pledge to thier nation


Price Winner

A student who won best in the school end of term examination


First Set Student Photograph

There were about 160 students including male and female who registered on the first set intake.


Male Prefects

Prefect posts were assigned to outstanding pupils in their class


Female Prefects

The famale student were also honoured with different posts each one based on merit


The Time Keeper

The time keeper is given a blue hat to characterized well. Here he receives a hand shake from the school adviser


The Social Prefect

Social Prefect receiving a handshake and honoured by the school Co-founder and also the school secretary


Our Goals

The school was set-up as a way a tackling the challenges face by many individuals from different communities who want their children to have access to education. The goals we hope to achieve include:

Making Knowledge Accessible & Affordable to all

Recruiting experience pupils who can compete anywhere

Creating Opportunity for the less privileded especially girl child

Providing children access to useful resources so they can learn and contribute to thier communities

Why People like us?

We subsidized about 90%

Students Pay 90%-off less than what is being paid in most schools, and still get excellent education from our school

Most of the students are picked from communities that have no access to knowledge. We motivate them to understand the value of learning. Through this we can help spread opportunity.
Our School was the first ever in the state to implement database solutions for managing school records, which has helped us in minimizing cost and speeding up many tasks.
Students compete with other schools, and have won many competitions. This presents a clear cause that our school delivers quality knowledge

We Help Spread Knowledge

We admit children from vulnerable families into our school to study and learn so they can have the best quality education, and then help their families and communities

Knowledge Sharing

We believe that knowledge should be in everyone's reach

The state government though Katsina Local Government Education Authority (LEA) provides us with 50% of our Staff requirement. On intervention the LEA is contributing the sum of N3,709,943.04 to the school annually

The Federal Government of Nigeria’s intervention under N-power program is to subsidize our operation by N2,743,878.00 annually.

The community members who are the major beneficiary of this project contributed entirely towards the school take off and is directly supporting the school to the tune of N273,937.00 annually

The school is purely non-profit making venture. It is augmenting government efforts in providing basic education especially to the vulnerable and less privileged members of the society. The school fees is only N1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred naira) per student per term.

This amount is 0.06% of the average cost of studies per child term per in private school in Katsina Township. Beside the tuition fees students are required to pay N1,000.00 per child per term as PTA levy and N500.00 yearly registration fees and no other charges whatsoever.

The School management facilitates award of scholarship to the needy individuals by outsourcing sponsors and selection of the desirable candidates.

Normally intending sponsors are given two options to choose i.e. normal sponsorship and comprehensive scholarship. Under the normal scholarship, sponsor undertakes payments of student’s annual registration fees, term school fees, and PTA levy.

The comprehensive scholarship includes the above fees and provision of essential text books, school uniform and means of transportation to the school.

National and International support agencies; corporate bodies and individuals who wish to donate to our noble cause are welcome to contribute their quota in educating the poor and vulnerable members of the society. This could be in any or all of the following ways:

  • Provision of scholarship to needy and desirable students to study in the school
  • Provision of Teaching aids and instructional materials
  • Erection of permanent structures for the school
  • Provision of ICT and transport facilities.
  • Capacity building

What people are saying

This is a welcomed development for the Community of Gafai, they really deserve quality education

-Usman Usman Nagogo/ District Head of Daddara- Katsina

The challenges of education in Katsina are beyond government intervention, Gafai Community School seems to understand that

Justice Musa Danladi/ Judge of the State High Court of Justice

Our Partners

Our major partners have been the Katsina State government, The Fedral Government and The Parent Teachers Association

Want to Contribute?

Get in touch with the our school management at +234-80-323-610-36 or Email us at contact@gafaicommunityschool.com